Cueing Systems

Technology Project


Include at least 5 strategy reviews for each cueing system (graphophonic, syntactic, semantic) that include the following:

1)     Instructional Strategy and reference:

2)     What it is:

3)     Link to the appropriate cueing system:

4)     Why you chose it:

5)     How you will use it in your class (modified versions are appropriate here):


Strategy # 1: Walk around the park/Environmental print

Website reference:

The strategy: “Take an alphabet walk around the school or neighborhood. Look for letters that you have been studying in environmental print. You can also have children identify objects that start with specific letters that the children have recently learned.”

System: This strategy focuses on alphabetic because this is key to student understanding to the graphophonic system.

Choice: I chose this strategy because it caters to kinesthetic learners and utilizes familiar scenery to initiate and reinforce student learning through environmental print.

Modify: If the weather was bad, I may modify this strategy and have students take a tour of the school and gather objects around the school that start with different letters.

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