Cueing Systems

Technology Project


Include at least 5 strategy reviews for each cueing system (graphophonic, syntactic, semantic) that include the following:

1)     Instructional Strategy and reference:

2)     What it is:

3)     Link to the appropriate cueing system:

4)     Why you chose it:

5)     How you will use it in your class (modified versions are appropriate here):


Grammar Blast!

Instructional Strategy #1

  2. This is a website that offers grammar games for grades 2-5.
  3. This directly influence the syntactic cueing system, which focuses on grammar and text structure.
  4. I chose this because although it is game based, I think that this would be great for a center.  A 21st century instructional strategy.
  5. I would use this in a center or on my Smart Board as a whole class.  Perhaps in a friendly competition.
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